V11.07: Enhanced Fax Services

We've expanded our fax claim service options to include a toll-free number with a 99.9% "never busy" rate to better serve our clients within the United States.

The new fax number is 1 888 207 2310  (Note: This is an 888 number, not 800, and you must dial 1 first.)

If you create your claims online, the new fax number will automatically show up on your claim forms starting Monday, June 27, 2011.   If you use our manual claim form options, the claim forms on our website (www.FlexToday.com, Forms and Brochures) have been updated with the new fax number.  Our website and other materials will be updated in the next few weeks.

"Old" Fax Numbers Are Fine:   We haven't eliminated any fax numbers so our "old" numbers will continue to work for at least another year and you'll receive the same fast and accurate service with our "old" numbers that you will with our "new" number.  Claims received by 9am Pacific are generally confirmed same-day if we have your email address on file.

Scanned Claims?  Try The Secure Claims Portal (www.FlexToday.com, Secure:  Claims Portal)
You can also post your claims online on our secure claims portal. It’s easy to use and very fast. Just scan your completed claim form and supporting documentation in a single file in the Adobe Acrobat format, click the Secure Claims Portal link and then post your claim online. Please be sure to enter your name and the name of your employer in the “Add A Message” box.

Claims sent to the Portal should be in Adobe Acrobat format with both the claim form and supporting documents in a single file. PLEASE identify yourself in the “Add A Message” box. Unidentified files and files sent in any format other than Adobe Acrobat may not be considered a claim submission. Files sent to the Portal in executable formats will be deleted without opening, including but not limited to file formats such as: .exe, .zip, .eml, .com, .html and .vbs.

No Claims By Email    To protect your medical and personal privacy, we do not accept claims by email. 

"Green" Faxing:   And, just an "FYI", all of our claim fax numberss are electronic..  When you send us a fax, you are faxing directly into an encrypted (secured) file server.  It's faster, safer and totally "green."

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